Whale Swim ‘N’ Rinse Transom Shower Mixer No Cover Wht


Whale Swim ‘N’ Rinse Transom Shower Mixer No Cover Wht adds a touch of luxury to your boat.


Whale Swim ‘N’ Rinse Transom Shower Mixer No Cover Wht. Whale has led the way in deck shower design since the 1980s. Today the wide range includes metal/polypropylene models in mixer or cold only options. The design classic in deck showers designed for easy washdown on the transom after swimming. Simply swim and rinse without wasting water.

• Adds a touch of luxury to your boat
• Designed for easy rinse down after swimming
• Fit in convenient locations on deck – extra long 2.1 m (7 ft) hose
• Save water on board – On/off control on shower handset allows you to set temperature and only use the water you need
• Neat hinged cover with latch to close
• Blends in on deck -White high shine finish matches the gel coat
• Available with or without cover (lockable option available)
• Straight forward installation
• Simple connection to either Quick connect 15mm pipework or 1/2″ hose connection

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