Whale Quick Conn Tube Hose Conn 1/2″-15mm (X1)


Whale Quick Conn Tube Hose Conn 1/2″-15mm (X1) ensure a high integrity, reliable plumbing system solution, specifically designed for use in mobile applications.


Whale Quick Conn Tube Hose Conn 1/2″-15mm (X1) is part of the quick connect plumbing system.
Fittings and pipework design ensures easy installation and re-usability of components. The simple two step installation procedure does not require special tools to make a watertight connection.

Whale Quick Connect Tube Hose Conn 1/2″-15mm (X1)’s features and benefits are:
• Unique ‘Double Gripper’ design provides secure lifelong pipework retention even at high pressures
• The innovative ‘cage collet’ eliminates leaks where fittings are installed close to tight bends
• Collet has internal support ring ensuring o ring seal is held in position and does not distort or leak under pressure
• High integrity single piece moulding ensures the strength of the fittings
• Outer sleeve incorporates collet cover, thus preventing accidental pipework release
• Collet clips are not necessary and therefore reduce installation time
• Pipework includes measured cut marks, designed to be a visual guide to ensure that fittings are pushed fully home

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