Whale Gulley Ic Hg Capacity Grey Waste System 24v


Whale Gulley Ic Hg Capacity Grey Waste System 24v – Gulley IC high capacity pump manages waste from a single drain.


Gulley IC high capacity pump manages waste from a single drain.
Specifically designed for shower waste – Includes Gulper IC electric waste pump and Compact Gulley IC with 4m (12ft) cable for easy installation.
Unique Intelligent Control means Gulley IC Kit is all you need for shower waste management. Electrical signals are sent from Gulley IC only when grey waste water needs to be pumped out. Fully automatic shower gulley drains waste away.

WHY Gully IC?
Features and Benefits
• Automatic control – Gulley IC senses the grey waste level and sends signals to Gulper IC to turn off and on as required
• One pump automatically handles waste from your shower on board – no manual switches required
• Ideal for installation where you don’t have space for a grey waste tank

Gulper IC – Electric grey waste pump with intelligent control
• Easy installation – pre wired plug and play kit
• Reliability – no moving parts to clog
• Long life – self primes and can run dry
• Soft start – protects the pump
• Low current controlled switching – no switch failure from high currents
• Fast drainage – high capacity up to 19 ltrs (5 US gals) /min
• Optimal drainage – built in time delay

Accreditations: • Ignition protection ISO8846. • CE marked

Gulley IC
• Compact single shower gulley with integrated intelligent control
• Easy clean cover and sleek design
• Protected against water ingress – fully potted circuitry
• Quiet drainage

Tip: It is important to ensure that a vented anti-syphon loop is incorporated in the system.

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