Whale Compac 50 Manual Bilge Pump Thru Deck/B-Hd


Discover the Whale Compac 50 Manual Bilge Pump Thru Deck/B-Hd from Trinity Marinas’ Chandlery.


The Whale Compac 50 Manual Bilge Pump Thru Deck/B-Hd is a Whale product now available from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery.

Designed for confined spaces where you have limited space to fit your pump
COMPAC 50 compact design easily installed in tight bilge spaces where other pumps simply cannot fit Low Profile Compact Range
Ideal for low profile installation underdeck.
• Whale’s most slim line design
• Includes sleek Whale deck plate with cover
• Tough proven reliable
• High performance
– (up to 35 ltrs / 9.2 US gals per min)
• Suitable for pumping bilge water saltwater or diesel
It is important to ensure that a vented anti-syphon loop is incorporated in the system

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