Whale Auto Field Sensor Float Switch 12/24v


Discover the Whale Auto Field Sensor Float Switch 12/24v from Trinity Marinas’ Chandlery.


The Whale Auto Field Sensor Float Switch 12/24v is a Whale product now available from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery.

Its main features are:
• Electric field sensor automatically senses water levels & switches on the bilge pumps
• Automatically switches on when 51mm (2″) of water is sensed and turns off when water drops below 13mm (1/2″)
• W-BE9006 model – built in 30 second off delay for efficient operation, prevents cycle in small sump installations or enables lower drain than 13mm (1⁄2″)
• W-BE9003 – Electric Field Sensor Switch
• W-BE9006 – Electric Field Sensor Switch With 30 second time delay
• Voltage DC: 12V DC or 24V DC
• Current: Suitable for up to 20 Amps
• Residual Current: 0.008 Amp

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