Lewmar 6 Standard Winch Grey Alloy


Discover the Lewmar 6 Standard Winch Grey Alloy from Trinity Marinas in our Chandlery.


Order the Lewmar 6 Standard Winch Grey Alloy from Trinity Marinas’ chandlery.

The standard winch is a high quality, hard wearing control solution. The long glass fibre reinforced composite stem is strong and light with a plain bearing giving efficient smooth running. Available in sizes 6,7 and 8 with single speed operation and size 16 with two speed operation in chrome and grey alloy finishes.

Some advice:
When installing a winch, Lewmar recommends the winch must be mounted on a flat surface and that the rope enters the drum at an angle of 5° to 10° to the base axis of the winch. This angle can be achieved by using a base wedge when mounting the winch.

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