As we move into February and Christmas seems such a long time ago, most of us are now turning our attention to this years summer holiday. With the news full of Brexit uncertainty, falling exchange rates and terror attacks hitting beach resorts and cities in Europe, the Staycation is very much now an option for a lot of us. In fact, according to ABTA, in 2016, 71% of British holidaymakers stayed in the UK which was up from 64% the previous year.

With this in mind the purchase of a holiday home is now looked upon as better investment than leaving the money in the bank as interest rates are so low. This is great news for the towns and villages along our coastline as people search for the perfect spot to holiday year in and year out, giving them great views, gourmet pub dining, fantastic walks and all amenities on hand.

However, with coastal  property prices stretching budgets that little bit too far, more and more of us are looking towards Britains Inland Waterways. With over 2,000 miles to explore, that include, across England and Wales  1,569 locks, 53 tunnels and 3112 bridges navigate and admire.

Life on the UK’s waterways is slow paced, tranquil and allows you to explore the UK and see it from a whole new perspective. What better way to unwind than a slow cruise through the canals of middle England on a hazy summers day, morning up at a canal side pub for a pie and pint (or two), then a snooze on deck as the rolling fields pass by into the evening.

You will be surprised how easily accessible the canal boaters life is, with Trinity Marinas right on our doorstep. The Marina staff will be happy to advise on all aspects of boating life, from buying a Narrowboat, moorings and cruising to living aboard and maintenance.

Sources: Canal and riverboat trust


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