Their boat awaits them across the other side of Europe, but now they have to get themselves and their dog Buddy home.

Misty Blue was safely purchased and moored up at Trinity Marinas, awaiting the arrival of her new owners Dave and Liz. Keeping them up to date through every part of the sale, Christine was eagerly awaiting them to take delivery of their keys.

Whilst in Cyprus Dave and Liz had taken in some lodgers. Their cats, and a dog called Buddy. On deciding to leave Cyprus they realised that they would have to leave the cats behind. Liz was heartbroken but she found a lovely home for them with her friend. Buddy the Lab was coming home with them. He was just 6 weeks old when Liz took him in, and she couldn’t bear to part with him. It’s a complicated malarkey bringing a dog back to the UK from, what is classed as a third world country. The paperwork was extensive and vet checks had to be completed before Buddy could leave Cyprus. It was decided that they would drive Buddy back to the UK as flying would probably be too traumatic for him. 

Once the vet checks and the visa has been granted, you have 5 days to reach the UK!

Hitching a ride with 2 young men who were travelling back also, Dave and Liz set off on New Years Eve. The weather was horrendous. They drove through Bulgaria in snow. They stopped frequently in below zero temperatures to stretch their legs and allow Buddy to have a walk. This is a dog that has never seen snow before! You can imagine what his little paws thought of that! He was quite excited.

Dave and Liz drove through nine countries in the space of 4 days. Until you actually drive through these countries I don’t think any of us can fully understand what a mammouth trip that was! Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. And they HAD to do it before the deadline was up, otherwise they would have been turned back to Cyprus. All in freezing weather. Liz told me that they covered Buddy up with a blanket to keep him warm in the car as he was shivering.

They made it the french port of Calais just in time. If they had been 5 minutes over they would not have been allowed across the channel.

Buddy and his mum and dad are now safely in England, Buddy here sat on his sofa on his lovely new floating home, Misty Blue.

Little does he know his adventure is just beginning!

Now Liz, Dave and Buddy are safely back in the UK and ready to take on the canals of the UK. Dave feels so happy that he can be part of the community of boaters at Trinity Marinas, everyone keen to help and lend a hand. The staff at Trinity and the boaters all make boating a wonderful experience for novices and experienced boaters combined. 






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