The Hunt for a Narrowboat

The decision made, Dave and Liz needed to find themselves a boat! But they’re living in Cyprus. How do you find the right Narrowboat in the UK, when there are so many Marinas to look at?

Liz and Dave headed for the UK to start their search for a Narrowboat. Their family lived nearby and coming from Leicester originally they began their search. They had viewed a few Marinas on their travels but none captured their hearts like Trinity.

They were passing by and saw the signpost for the Marina. They had seen it advertised during their search but had never actually been in.

As they drove down the driveway and looked over the marina for the first time Liz just said

“This is it. This is where we are going to moor our boat.”

After meeting with Christine they were even more eager to moor here. Christine made them feel “so welcome” and “so at home”. Her knowledge gave them confidence that they had absolutely made the right decision. She spoke to them at length about their plans and listened carefully, understanding what they wanted from their Narrowboat.

Moorings booked, they had still to find their Narrowboat.

They went back to Cyprus more determined than ever to find their boat. They had a lot of packing and planning to do as it was their intention to come back to the UK for the start of 2017.

Christine kept in touch, letting them know of any boats that might be suitable for them. Then in December, Dave had come back to view 6 boats. They were up and down the country so he had a lot of driving to do! On his way to Whilton Marina he called in to Trinity.

Ever welcoming Christine had just the boat to show him. Misty Blue. Dave was completely captivated by her. He stepped on board and instantly knew she was the boat for them! No haggling. No quibbling. He paid the deposit for her there and then!

He called Liz, who simply said “as long as she’s at Trinity”.

The Moorings are booked, the Narrowboat is purchased, now all the couple had to do was transport themselves and their Labrador – Buddy, across 9 countries……the story continues..

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