The effects of fly tipping along the canals

Cruising along the canals in a narrowboat is a peaceful experience. Watching the countryside drifting past at gentle pace, the noise of the lapping of water against the boat and the cheery wave at fellow boaters and those on dry land as you cruise along.

Canal Etiquette

Whether you are considering leaving dry ground to live on a narrowboat, or are planning a relaxing holiday on the water, there are a few things to consider. They are not necessarily rules that you must abide by, but etiquette that will benefit yourself and others on...

Dos and don’ts for summer boating safety with children

If your ideal summer holiday is messing about on a boat, then you’ll love taking a narrowboat holiday! It’s the ideal way to escape the daily grind but it’s not without its hazards. Following a few simple dos and don’ts will help you enjoy a wonderful family holiday, accident free.

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