Trinity Marina’s brokerage service

Ahead of our open day event, which is being held this Saturday 11th March, you may wish to know a little bit more about our narrowboat brokerage here at Trinity Marinas. First and foremost, we help people buy and sell canal boats. You can sell your boat through...

What’s in the Name of a Boat?

There is often confusion around the names given to the types of boats we see on the waterways around Trinity Marinas. Is it canal boat? Narrowboat? Barge? Well, none are wrong; it is simply personal choice which term you use. Technically, a barge is slightly different...

A Boaters Tale – Part 2

The Hunt for a Narrowboat The decision made, Dave and Liz needed to find themselves a boat! But they’re living in Cyprus. How do you find the right Narrowboat in the UK, when there are so many Marinas to look at? Liz and Dave headed for the UK to start their search...

A Boaters Tale – Part 1

17 years ago Dave and Liz bought themselves a holiday home in Cyprus. For the last 7 years they have lived there full time, lapping up the sun! The view from their home was a 360 degree vision of sheer beauty. Situated in the mountains their view showed the ocean in one direction, and mountains in the other.

Our Top 5 Places to Visit in Your Narrowboat

It’s a new year, and you may be starting to plan a holiday in your narrowboat or a travelling route for those of you who do not moor full time. So, we have compiled a list of the top places to visit in your narrowboat this year.   The Avon Ring   The Avon...

12 Days of Trinity Christmas Number 12!

Friendly helpful staff and second to none service! Our staff are all extremely knowledgeable in their field. You will always be greeted with a smile and someone is always available to chat to you about all things Narrowboat!. The staff here at Trinity Marinas would...

12 Days of Trinity Christmas Number 11

Trinity Marinas has a restaurant and hotel on site.  Whitbread owns the lovely Mariners restaurant and pub. It has a lovely deck over looking the canal where you can enjoy anything from a cup of coffee to a 3 course meal. Next door there is a Premier Inn hotel. If...

12 Days of Trinity Christmas number 9

Rain or shine there is an onsite shop and Chandlery.  Our fully stocked onsite shop can provide you with everything from daily provisions such as Milk to Gas bottles and mooring ropes. Drop in and say Hi, there is always a friendly welcome.

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