An epic journey to Misty Blue

17 years ago Dave and Liz bought themselves a holiday home in Cyprus. For the last 7 years they have lived there full time, lapping up the sun! The view from their home was a 360 degree vision of sheer beauty. Situated in the mountains their view showed the ocean in one direction, and mountains in the other. Why oh why did they choose to leave all of that behind? Why a Narrowboat? Why Trinity Marinas?

When they bought their house in the mountains of Turkish Cyprus, Dave and Liz were in their element. A ruined property they spent years renovating and decorating until they had created a fantastic home for themselves, and a holiday home for their family back home in England. Dave was perfectly happy tending to his garden and Liz enjoyed walks with her dog and with their neighbours. Not being able to speak the language was a bit of an obstacle since there weren’t many English speaking people in that part of the island. Dave went for lessons! He learnt how to speak Turkish so that he could easily converse with the villagers!

Life was great for a while but they were starting to get itchy feet and a yearning for home…..

Decision Made

In June 2016, Dave and Liz came to the massive decision to leave Cyprus and come back to the UK. There were many factors that induced that decision, one of them being the unrest in Syria.

“You have all this beauty surrounding you, but you are very well aware that Syria is only 40 miles away” – Dave

Dave and Liz had lived in some lovely places all over the world but it was also very apparent to them that they hadn’t seen much of the United Kingdom. Life in the services had taken them to many places, but the UK beckoned.

It had always been a dream of Dave’s to live aboard a Narrowboat and see the UK’s many wonderful views from the canals.

“My dream was to go somewhere warm for my retirement, now its time to live Dave’s dream” – Liz

And so the decision is made in June 2016. Now the hunt for a Narrowboat was on…….

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