“Imagine being able to take your house and park it in some of the most inspiring and beautiful parts of England and Wales – this is what life on a boat holiday is like.” (Canal & River Trust)
The summer is upon us, and fingers crossed, the weather will be gloriously dry and sunny for the next couple of months (but it is Britain so let’s not get too carried away!). And what could be a better time to get out and explore the many waterways of the country on a canal boat?
For many people thinking about planning ways to explore the great outdoors, they might naturally think about walking, or cycling across beautiful countryside. But the canal system enables you to see some of the most beautiful scenery from the convenience of a home on water.
A canal boat allows you to relax and enjoy tranquil stretches of water, whilst travelling from one marina to the next, experiencing wonderful views on your journey.
A boating holiday is perfect for the summer months, and some love it so much that they choose to purchase a canal boat so they can choose to enjoy life on the calm, tranquil water whenever they please.
If the thought of waking up to a different view out of the window every morning sounds appealing, then feel free to contact us.

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