Have you ever considered taking the leap from your bricks and mortar to living on the water? Of course, living on a boat has its pros and cons, so this month we thought we’d take a look at the positive reasons to live on a narrowboat.

If you have bought your boat, then your ongoing costs are fairly low. There will be mooring costs at marinas and you still have gas, electricity and water bills, but compared to those you pay in a house, they are generally much lower.

Living on a boat gives you a simpler and less stressful life. There is less space to fill with possessions that are not needed and you have more time to take pleasure in reading, cooking, walking and generally enjoying life.

Following on from the point above, because your new home will be significantly smaller, there is less space for all those possessions that we keep, even though we don’t really need them. You learn that ‘things’ are not important.

You will live closer to nature and learn to appreciate its beauty. Sunrises and sunsets are just outside and are beautiful every single day. The stars twinkling in the sky at night are an incredible, mesmerising sight and so much clearer away from towns and cities. And an abundance of wildlife will be right outside your door daily.

Living on your own boat, gives you independence and freedom from the monotony of town/city life where you are used to sitting in traffic, going on the school run, working 9-5. You can still work and live on a boat, but you have the freedom to live how you want to around that. You can travel in your home, whenever you want. You are in control.

If you’d like any information about boating, either for living or hiring, please contact us.

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